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Apart from the real estate films, we've also worked together with Florin Partners on many other projects. For example, we've redesigned the overall brand identity through updated brand manuals, graphic elements such as motion graphics, photograpy, and campaigns across different digital platforms.


Our sister company, Florin Partners, is a real estate agency focusing on residential and commercial properties. Florin Partners decided early to invest in the marketing of properties through high-quality images and films. Other marketing activities such as Facebook/Instagram and Google Ads are also adopted. 


Our joint venture with our sister company is very inspiring and creates a great culture across the two companies.


2020 - 2022

The root of Florin Partners Media Group has its origin in Florin Partners Real Estate. When Florin Partners was founded, we understood the need for high-quality films in order to get through "the breeze". However, the available film production was priced too high for profitability. That's why we began developing our own media team - to get in-house services at a reasonable price-point. 

Since Florin Partners Media Group was founded, we have made 100+ films for Florin Partners Real Estate. 

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