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The younger generation is especially critical of a company's social media presence. Good quality images and videos create trust and confidence in the brand.


A new and revolutionary alcoholic drink in Sweden, Kubik brings the American sensation "Hard Seltzer" to a new market. Although a tough market, Kubik has found success amongst young adults and students in university towns such as Uppsala and Stockholm.




2021 - 2022

Florin Partners Media Group and Kubik have had a long relationship of collaboration, being with each other since the start of both companies. Kubik needs to reach a crowd of young adults with a budget-friendly alternative. We have been able to deliver quality photography and videography that they can implement on social media and in ad campaigns to drive traffic and interest in their events.

Recent activities with Kubik include a day of photography and videography at Stockholms Nations' traditional "Valborgs"-festival, Stocken Garden. Moreover, we have done studio photoshoots and outdoor product photography. Much of our work can be seen on their website or on Instagram.

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