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Founder & Creative


I have long been inspired by creative production. Working on projects that give me the freedom to express feelings and thoughts through film and photography is what drives me. At Florin Partners Media Group I work closely with projects linked to film, photography, and graphic creation. As Creative Director, I am a part of all projects and work closely with customers to ensure that their needs are met.

I constantly strive to create perfection and exceed expectations. The understanding of companies' needs and interests as well as a deep interest in media and creative creation give me good opportunities to create something unique and well-adapted for each individual customer. I believe that a strong relationship and understanding of the customer's needs as well as good knowledge of the media creates very good conditions for a successful business.

Founder & Business Developer


I work to develop our business and to make our customers' vision a reality. What drives me is creation itself. That is why I like to be close to the production of our projects. My eyes were opened to media production when I was practicing at a large real estate company in New York as a 17-year-old. There I got to learn and help develop the company's media strategy.

Since then, I have spent many hours editing programs and working on various film and advertising projects. My passion for creative creation has only grown. It feels fantastic fun to make media production more accessible to our customers!

Founder & Manager


As a co-founder and board member, I act as a mentor for the rest of the team when it comes to decisions regarding the development of Florin Partners Media Group. In my professional career, I have understood the importance of standing out from the crowd in terms of, among other things, advertising - that is why this company and the company's mission are close to my heart.

Content Creator


Reflecting on my first years in school, my passion was always creative subjects such as arts and music education. Later on, when I decided which path I wanted to continue, photographing, cinematography, and content creation felt like the most intriguing areas of expertise. After I completed my 3 years in the media program I started work at Florin Partners Media Group. My role in the company is to create and produce content for our customers. I love to work in a creative space where simple ideas can turn into a reality that our customers can benefit from when they are building businesses in their different areas of expertise.

Customer Relations


One of my key interests in life apart from the sport I perform is to find ways to strengthen the value of businesses. It might be by way of telling the story of a company in a new manner previously unexplored. It might be through the same pathways as before but from a new angle, always in close dialogue with the customer. I have always been a curious person and the work I do at Florin Partners Media Group reflects in part the way I approach life. With an open mind to new ideas.

Customer Relations & Project Manager


I prioritize putting people first in everything I do, both professionally and in my personal life. As a Customer Relations & Project Manager, I am dedicated to the whole journey and always ready to listen and tailor projects exactly to companies' needs. With a rich background in both people and operations management, I have honed my skills in fostering meaningful relationships and ensuring seamless project execution.

By balancing the demands of customer satisfaction with the intricacies of project planning, I ensure that every aspect of the client's vision is brought to fruition. I thrive on building lasting partnerships, anticipating client needs, and delivering exceptional results.

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